WKU vs. Marshall noted as one of 25 most intriguing games


When the one and only Mr. Chad Bishop tweeted out this link, I was excited and, at the same time, quite dumbfounded:

Why on Earth, of all the college football games there are this year, are the Tops and Herd on this list? One that features next year’s Iron Bowl rematch, Michigan vs. Notre Dame, Stanford vs. Oregon and Oklahoma vs. Texas? Well, as it turns out…it’s more of a dump on the Tops than anything else. As it says on the site, the words straight from Pat Forde:

"24. Western Kentucky at Marshall, Nov. 28. If the easiest schedule in history plays out as it appears going in, the Thundering Herd will be looking to wrap up a 12-0 regular season the day after Thanksgiving against the Hilltoppers."

Oh. That’s why. Well, that kind of takes all the wind out of your sails, doesn’t it? But hey, any publicity is good publicity. Right? Right? Right?…

This is, without a doubt, something that’ll be looming over the WKU season all year, and if the Tops’ can pull it off and play ultimate spoiler, how magnificent would that be?

A couple other games that you might find more intriguing than the rest from this list; the 22nd game on the list is the only other game that features a Kentucky school, Louisville, when they take on Florida State the day before Halloween and, rounding out the list, the lone Sun Belt appearance on the list, a rematch between App State and Michigan.