Kadeem Jones left off of St. Louis Rams roster projections


The deadline is winding down for NFL teams to make their cuts to 75 men, and eventually, the 53 that they will begin the 2014 season with, with the first round of cuts coming next week (August 26th) and just two days later, the final roster needs to be set.

RamblinFan.com, Fansided’s St. Louis Rams site, posted their projections for what they expect their 53 man roster to look like come the end of the month. And, unfortunately for Tops’ fans, ProTopper Kadeem Jones did not make Ramblin Fan’s cut. The four running backs listed in the cut are Zac Stacy, Benny Cunningham, Tre Mason and Chase Reynolds, and the projection completely leaves off the fullback position.

Scout out the St. Louis Rams’ depth chart, and you’ll find a wide variety of people listed at the fullback position. Jones is still in as the only FB on their official depth chart on Rams.com, but the ESPN.com one doesn’t have Kadeem anywhere to be found. Fantasy-sports news site Rotoworld.com has Jones listed as the #2 FB on their depth chart.

Jones hasn’t seen any preseason time through two games, and as we learned from Fanside’s St. Louis local site, Arch Authority, Jones has been out for a while, possibly as long as before OTA’s ended, but of all the searching I’ve done, I can’t find any news piece on what exactly might be wrong with Kadeem.

The only bit of information I could find that confirms that Jones is injured, at all, is this update from CBSSports before this past weekend’s game against Green Bay. Arch Authority also has a projection of the Rams’ 53 man roster, which also excludes Jones, and the fullback position all together. Fansided’s sites aren’t the only one’s who don’t see Jones sticking with the Rams; SBNation’s Turf Show Times‘ has also left the fullback position off of their projections all together.

The fact that Jones isn’t projected to make the roster is, unfortunately, not surprisng, considering the Rams haven’t had a fullback for a couple of years. However, as the AA tweet above notes, it is interesting that Jones is still on the active roster. I suppose the Rams really like what they saw of Kadeem at WKU and when he was healthy at OTA’s, and really want to give him a try at the fullback spot.

If any hard news surfaces about Jones’ injury, or a confirmation of how he stands on the roster come next week, of course we will have all the information for you right here.