ProToppers Primer: NFL Preseason Week 2


Here we are, a day away from week two of the NFL’s preseason to get underway, and while we saw some good performances from our ProToppers, we are just getting warmed up, and hoping for a huge week two. Here’s who is playing, where they’re playing, and what they did last week.

Jack Doyle – Indianapolis Colts (vs. New York Giants, Sat. 6:00 pm)
Doyle, statistically, contributed one catch for eight yards in last weeks Colt loss to the Jets, but on Saturday, the Indy men will go up against the other team from New York, and Doyle remains the number three tight end on the depth chart. The Giants allowed 181 passing yards last week in a win against Pittsburgh, while Indy passed for 163. I don’t know why Doyle was used only once (maybe the Colts don’t utilize tight ends like WKU did with him), but if Pitt. gives up a lot of passing yards again, I’m really hoping Doyle snags more than one pass.

Bobby Rainey – Tampa Bay Buccaneers (vs. Miami Dolphins, Sat. 6:30 pm)
Arguably our ProTopper of the week (not that it should come as any surprise) was Mr. Rainey, as he lead his Bucs in rushing (six carries for 25 yards) in Tampa’s 16-10 loss to Jacksonville. During the game, we interacted on twitter with our pals at Skyway Shootout who said that Rainey was running well, but the lack-luster offensive line of the Bucs didn’t do him any favors in cracking 30 yards. Rainey also sat out the second half, which is why his total might have seemed so low (and definitely shows reason for concern for the Bucs’ running game this year, if you’re a fan of them). Tampa Bay Times beat reporter Greg Auman tweeted this week that new Bucs’ coach Lovie Smith will use Rainey at the kick return position this year, as well.

Quanterus Smith – Denver Broncos (vs. San Francisco 49ers, Sun. @ 4:00 pm)
Q Smith might not have recorded a tackle in last weeks win over the Seahawks, but he was apart of a defensive line that held Seattle to under 100 rushing yards, and played well enough to solidify his spot at number two on the depth chart. The Broncos face another team who like to balance out the offense, as well as have a dual threat QB, in the 49ers, so lets see if Smith can make an impact this weekend.

Antonio Andrews – Tennessee Titans (vs. New Orleans Saints, Fri. 7:00 pm)
Antonio Andrews didn’t touch the ball last week. That still baffles me. And, it should come as no surprise, that Andrews hasn’t moved up the Titans depth chart, although he hasn’t fallen in it either, which is something…right? The Titans will face a New Orleans Saints squad who allowed 150 rushing yards to the Rams a week ago, and hopefully this week A.A. will find a touch or two. However, I think we will have to see Andrews work his way into the backfield by starting as a kick or punt returner, but who knows when that will happen, either.

Jonathan Dowling – Oakland Raiders (vs. Detroit Lions, Fri. 9:00 pm)
Dowling recorded himself a first half tackle in last week’s loss to Minnesota, and remains as the number three strong safety.

Andrew Jackson – Indianapolis Colts
We didn’t know this in last weeks’ primer, but Andrew Jackson sat out last week due to an injury he suffered in practice. However, based on this instagram video, he appears healthy and ready to make his debut in Blue and White.

Kadeem Jones – St. Louis Rams (vs. Green Bay Packers, Sat. 3:00 pm)
I don’t know much about the Rams, but I do know they didn’t have a fullback on the roster last year, and the coaching staff might still not be sure how to use Kadeem Jones. I didn’t watch last week’s game, but I know he didn’t appear on the field in the first half, and if he appeared in the second, it was for blocking only, as he didn’t get credited with any rushes.

Derrius Brooks – New Orleans Saints (vs. Tennessee Titans, Fri. 7:00 pm)
We have back-to-back ProToppers matchups! How awesome would an Antonio Andrews carry be, only to be brought down by a former teammate?! Brooks recorded one tackle last week against the Rams.

Xavius Boyd – Buffalo Bills (vs. Pittsburgh Steelers, Sat. 6:30)
After recording two tackles in the Hall of Fame game to open the preseason slate, Boyd finished last weeks win over Carolina with another two-tackle performance, but still remains the third and final WLB (not sure what “W,” stands for…west? Wing? As the kids say, idk), but if he keeps up the multiple tackle games, he should be fine. At least, I hope he’s fine.

Which ProTopper do you think has the best chance to stay on an NFL roster? Who are you most excited about watching? Let us know below or on twitter (@WaveTheRedTowel) by using the hastag #ProToppers. Also, if you live in one of these areas and can actually watch one of these games, tweet us and let us know how our boys did, and your tweet might end up in a future post!