A Call to Arms: WTRT Needs YOUR Input


With each passing day, we are closer and closer to the start of not just college football, but college sports in general starting back up. And, 2014/15 is poised to be a historic year for our Hilltoppers, as it’ll be their first year of competition in Conference USA. However, on a much smaller scale, it’ll also be a historic year for us here at Wave the Red Towel, as it’ll be the first full athletic year of coverage for us (as well as our one-year anniversary in October).

Last year was hit and miss at times – there (unfortunately and regrettably) was a lot of inconsistency with our content, which caused for a lot of opportunities to be missed. As we approach the upcoming year, I have some big things in store for the site, and I can’t wait to get things going in order to show you all what I have up our sleeve.

But, there’s always room for improvement. And that is where you come in. If there is something you want to see from us that we don’t do well, or maybe even at all, please please please feel free to contact us – either by commenting below or tweeting us at @WaveTheRedTowel – and let us know what you want to see out of our WKU coverage. More previews? More reviews? More opinion based pieces? More interviews? What ever you’re craving in terms of Hilltopper talk, we are more than willing and happy to hear, so please don’t hesitate to let your voice be heard.

Also, if you think you have the know-how and dedication it takes to be apart of our team, head on over to the Fansided main page and apply to write for us. We are always looking to build our team, and what better time to join than on the cusp of a historic year.

Let’s finish summer with a bang, but as great as summer is, college sports is that much better.