Xavius Boyd Signed by Buffalo Bills


Former WKU linebacker Xavius Boyd was picked up by the Baltimore Ravens of the NFL the day after the 2014 NFL Draft, but was inked to an NFL contract with the Buffalo Bills yesterday afternoon.

Boyd, who was the Sun Belt defensive player of the year in 2013 on a team comprised of reigning Sun Belt defensive POY Andrew Jackson and the towering personality that was Jonathan Dowling. Boyd made a splash leading WKU in tackles and all around defensive play. With the Ravens, Xavius signed a three year, $1.5 million dollar deal that included a meager $1500 signing bonus. The key catch to that being there was nothing in his contract that involved compensation if he were to get hurt. and that is just what happened.

According to an article in the Baltimore Sun, Boyd suffered a set back when he sustained a Hamstring Injury that restricted him from rookie OTA’s and other rookie sessions. The Ravens saw this as a wasted roster spot and let the undrafted free agent go free. However, the plot turned happy once more, as number 13 found his way to Buffalo where he signed a deal that has not been disclosed. Boyd will replace fellow rookie Darrin Kitchens who was injured this past week.

For Boyd his trip to the NFL hasn’t been easy, but it surely has been a fun ride. This news of Boyd’s injury isn’t good, but him quickly finding his way to another NFL roster spot is.