Towel Talk: Bama Hammer’s Tony Breland on Parker McLeod


It’s rare for the announcement of a red-shirt freshman transferring to be the biggest story of the week. But, when that transfer takes place from Alabama to Western Kentucky, it becomes worth noting and talking about, as was the case this past week when Parker McLeod did just that. I reached out to Tony Breland, the editor of Alabama’s Fansided site, Bama Hammer, to give his take on the move, and what it means for WKU.

Wave The Red Towel
Tony Breland

Many WKU fans will see the news or headline that the Tops got a former Bama player and will instantly get excited, even though the only pass that McLeod ever really threw in Crimson and White was an interception in this past spring game. Do WKU fans have a right to be excited?
I think WKU is getting a good QB in McLeod, who obviously was good enough to sign with Alabama, but who, because of the talent level ahead of him, wasn’t going to see much time on the field. Depending on whether his skillset fits the Hilltopper’s offensive strategy, McLeod could thrive there.

I know he’s a young player, but with A.J. McCarron no longer on the squad, why didn’t McLeod stay around and instead decided to see what other green grass is out there?
As I noted, there was simply too much talent ahead of him in line. Jacob Coker [ed. note – who is an FSU transfer] is getting hyped to the moon, and it remains to be seen if he will live up to it. Phillip Sims has been doggedly pursuing the starting job, and may get a solid crack at it. Behind them, Cooper Bateman was impressive in the Tide’s spring game, and we’ve signed Elite 11 MVP Blake Barnett. For McLeod, it was going to be an uphill battle to see the field.

Heading into the 2015 season, WKU will have a senior QB who has seen some playing time, and that’s really it. Is it out of the question that McLeod can start in his first year of eligibility?
While the temptation would be to give an unproven QB with an Alabama pedigree a look, Jeff Brohm will want to avoid any unnecessary risks. He’s already having to replace Antonio Andrews; why throw a new QB into the mix as well?

Sept. 10, 2016. Is it too early to put a friendly wager on the game? Especially if McLeod is the starter?
Never too early. If Western Kentucky beats Alabama, I’ll personally fly up and serve you a plate of Dreamland ribs.

Thanks to Tony for taking time out of his schedule to talk with us. And I can’t wait to have those ribs in two years. If you want more Alabama coverage, you can follow BH on twitter at @Bama_Hammer.