Get to Know Conference USA Mascots

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In the days preceding WKU’s entrance to the conference, we became quick friends with the guys over at, and quickly discovered that there is a great affinity for the Tops up in West Virginia. Not only was The Feud born (which you will undoubtedly learn about as the athletic year begins), but so was an instant friendly rivalry, which not only will be played out on the field, but will involve our own Big Red vs. Marco, the Marshall bison. The name “Marco,” comes from the MAR of Marshall and the “o,” of College, the school’s name before 1961. In the late 60s and early 70s, Marshall also used a live bison to coincide with Marco. In 1992, Marco won the National Mascot Championship over our beloved Big Red. Marco underwent a controversial makeover in 2008, but despite the criticism, Marco has remained as he was that day. Marco can be followed through all his shenanigans at @MarshallU_MARCO.