WKU Reacts to Final Day in Sun Belt


In case you haven’t heard – but let’s be real, you’ve been waiting for this day for quite some time – today is WKU’s final day as a member of the Sun Belt Conference. A time span that has encompassed 32 years, and…well, let’s let the man who know’s it all, Mr. Chad Bishop, tell you.

Okay, but that’s not exactly specific in terms of championships. I want to brag to both the outgoing and incoming conferences! That’s okay, because WKU Athletic Director Todd Stewart gave us a more specific number.

Awww yeah! That’s what I’m talking about. A majority of those championships, of course, came in basketball, but as the years went on, they included multiple in both indoor and outdoor track and field, swimming and diving, volleyball, and, most recently, softball and soccer.

Speaking of that volleyball program, their success is still relatively newfound. Head coach Travis Hudson put into perspective just how far that one particular program had come.

Wow. Didn’t realize the volleyball program was that bad.  You know the old saying when one door closes, another opens? Michael Schroeder, WKU’s basketball Sports Information Director, gave us a great example of that, when wishing the Tops’ football SID, Kyle Neaves, a happy birthday.

These were great tweets of remembrance, and were very classy to thank the conference for all they had done for the program.

What were some of your favorite memories of WKU’s time in the Sun Belt? Let us know or tweet us and you could be featured in an upcoming post!