The Sun Sets on WKU’s Sun Belt Tenure


Well, it’s hard to believe, and incredibly exciting at the same time, but it’s 100% true – today is Western Kentucky University’s final day as a member of the Sun Belt Conference.

It’s been an important 32 years for the Hilltoppers, as they continued their hardwood dominance that they had in the Ohio Valley Conference, as well as established strong footprints and success in sports such as volleyball, baseball, the beginning of soccer, softball and the move from a FCS to FBS football program…as well as a national championship, of course.

No more will the Hilltoppers be passed over for much deserved post-season opportunities. They’ll be on national TV almost weekly during football season, and who knows how often when basketball begins. They’ll still prove to be underdogs when facing the big boys, but will be taken more seriously (and, their inaugural season starts with a bang, as the Louisville men will come to Diddle as opposed to vice versa) when the time comes, and over time, will put up better and better fights, since their regular competition will be that of a higher level (not that the Tops don’t already take stiffer competition to the brink more often than not).

However, there will also come new territory for the Tops – they are, at least for the time being, a small fish in the big pond. No longer are they the biggest name and best overall program in a conference. They’ll have to fight for the attention. They’ll have to prove that they belong. They’ll have to establish themselves well, and quickly.

But, for today, let’s soak in what the Tops have done and relish in the success. For tomorrow, a new day is here. It may be grand, it may be ugly, but it certainly is exciting.