An Open Letter to the Sun Belt Conference


Dear Fun Belt,

It has been quite the ride over these past 32 years. We’ve seen some highs and lows. We’ve made some great rivalries and set conference record. Some might even argue that WKU helped put you guys on the map. If you’re alright thinking that, than we are as well.

While, even though you might not admit it, losing the Tops certainly is a big blow, you are not down. You are not out. You’ve kept saying that a new era will dawn tomorrow, and that has never been truer. Each of your current institutions, and the new ones you’re bringing in for 2014 are great programs, whether as a whole or in a certain sport.

Louisiana Lafayette, keep being despicable. People love to hate you, which goes further than you might think. You’re now the face of the conference – the strongest all around program – and you certainly proved you’re ready in 2013/14. If the schedules work out, it’ll be grand to see you in non-conference play.

ULM, Troy and Arkansas State, you guys are terrifying to see on an opposing football schedule. Use that to you’re advantage. You’re states are football crazy, so recruiting is hard to come by, I understand, but there’s nothing more satisfying than beating the big dogs with the so-called “rejects.” Oh, and Red Wolves, you and ULL are the new WKU/MTSU. Enjoy it. (P.S. We can stand you guys, so you have that going for you.)

South Al, keep being the “where the heck did they come from?” team. Now that you can’t annoy us anymore, you’re my favorite Sun Belt team, and it’ll be great to see you continue to carry on the torch that you helped start.

Georgia State, aside from football, where in the world did you guys come from? You guys didn’t miss a beat moving up to big-boy play, and you took ULL to the brink (as well as blew our guys out of the water). Keep expanding on your year one success, and build that football program. You’re in Georgia. You guys will be just fine, and it’ll be fun to watch you succeed.

To the newcomers of Appalachian State and Georgia Southern, you have to prove that moving up wasn’t a mistake, just like the Panthers. You have ravid fanbases and will bring excellent quality football to an already strong football conference, among other things.

There is a lot to like about the Sun Belt, and while most WKU fans are excited to join CUSA, I will miss the schools and rivarlies the conference has to offer.

I suppose this is it, for now, until there is the inevitable SBC/CUSA bowl game a few years down the line. Oh how much fun that will be.