Michelle Clark Heard Participates in Cold Water Challenge


WKU Lady Toppers head basketball coach Michelle Clark Heard, as well as assistant Lady Tops coach Candyce Bingham, participated in this summer’s latest internet sensation, the cold water challenge. The team released a video of the challenge, which you can view in the tweet below.

The cold water challenge participants, as you can tell from the video, do so in response to people who have challenged them, and in return, again as you could tell, the participants challenge others, all in the name for charity. MCH and Coach Bingham did so for the Kay Yow Cancer Fund. Probably the best part of this video was at the very beginning, where MCH was shouting all of the Lady Tops’ accolades, and seemed to put a bit of an extra emphasis on that part about being Sun Belt Champs.

The other cool thing was to see Deverinn Paul, assistant coach at Marshall, call out Coach Bingham. Is this the first official event in The Feud? (If you’re not sure what that is, head over to our twitter timeline.)

Big Red in the background is never a bad thing, but it would have been nice to see him get soaked as well. Although, in all honesty, it wouldn’t affect him much…