5 Reasons WKU Fans Should Still Watch The Tournament

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Jeff Brown – College Heights Herald

#1 – The Lady Tops Are Dancing: While Ray Harper’s squad isn’t lacing up their dancing shoes, there is one WKU team who is – the Lady Toppers! Michelle Clark-Heard has turned this program around in the biggest of ways, and they are currently awaiting their fate, as they will learn tonight their seed and opponent for the first round of the Women’s Tournament. If you haven’t done so yet, this weekend is your time to – watch these girls. Chastity Gooch and Kendall Noble will get their time to shine on the national stage, and there isn’t a team right now that this squad can’t beat. I firmly believe that. Early this morning, BGDN’s Zack Greenwell said the ladies are a projected 14th seed, which would match them up against, who else, Kentucky.